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Free Desktop Wallpaper Computer Background Photo: Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 6

This page may takes a little bit longer to load because of the larger photo which can be used as a free background for your desktop (wallpaper)!

I now offer my high quality photos also as a free wallpaper background photo, for private use. At this stage I only can offer one free wallpaper size of 1024x768 but we are working right now on the larger background photos which should be available by about December 2011. I also will offer a subscription for my high resolution quality photos for larger screens in the wallpaper size 1280x1024 and 1920x1080.

If you are a WINDOWS user and want to use this wallpaper background you need to do a right click on the picture and select "use as background". MAC users can use the wallpaper background by saving it to the desktop (or drag and drop), then go to System Preferences (Desktop & Screen Saver) and select the wallpaper background photo as background.

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Photo Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 6
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