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Biography Freelance Travel Photographer Rolf Hicker

Biography of freelance travel photographer Rolf Hicker

Rolf Hicker is a well-known freelance travel and wilderness photographer. His work is in high demand and has been published widely. He has been showcased in calendars, books and in most major publications such as National Geographic, Readers Digest, The Sun, the Daily Mail, the Guardian and the Telegraph newspapers in England, the Herald Sun in Australia, Porsche Magazine, BMW, Holland America, US National Park Service, Suzuki Foundation, Toyota, Canadian Geographic, Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), Sierra Club, the Humane Society of the United States and Alaska Airlines, to name a few.

Rolf has also produced several films and promotional videos, including a very popular film produced for Marlboro Travel in the Southwest United States. He has garnered many awards, among which were the coveted first place award at the International Film Festival in Dresden for the category “Best Nature Film” and the Gold medal for “Best Scenic” by CMA. One of his personal highlights as a photographer was the invitation to be the exclusive photographer of Sir Paul McCartney and his then wife, Heather Mills, while they were on the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence observing the annual seal hunt.

Rolf was drawn to photography early in his life. Although he started his career in the retail business, earning degrees in business economics and business management in his native country of Germany, photography was where his heart lay. By the time he was eighteen Rolf was producing and organizing public slide shows of his work. His first showing was of a wilderness trip through British Columbia and Alaska, which he presented to a sold out audience at the famous Deutsche Museum in Munich. Rolf has always been on the cutting edge of photography and, for his initial slide shows, he used multiple projectors showing his collections timed to music specifically composed for each of his productions. Over 400,000 people throughout Europe have attended his presentations. Continually refining his format Rolf pioneered a technique using still slides mixed with motion pictures, creating a moving montage that he referred to as a "travel log on steroids."  Most of us will never mush dogs along Alaska’s Iditarod dog sled trail or kayak amongst the icebergs of Newfoundland and Labrador, but his shows made the audience feel as if they were part of the experience.

Rolf loved doing shows and talking to his audience but even for an admitted workaholic the stress of being on the road day-after-day, often doing as many as sixty shows in a row, then months on the road spent gathering material, began to take its toll. Although he is still on the road a large part of the year doing contract work, Rolf has retired from doing the travel shows that so many loved - at least for a while.

While Rolf has traveled all over the world he dreamt of someday moving to Canada. In 2006 he became a landed immigrant. Now, wanting to share his love of northern Vancouver Island, with its unique scenery and wildlife, as well as his passion for photography, he and his wife Michelle have created a destination for adventurous spirits and "photography nuts" called Artists Point Bed, Breakfast and Photo Tours near Port McNeill and Telegraph Cove.

His motto:
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" (Marcel Proust 1871-1922)

Be sure to check out his other website Travel Stock Photography.

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