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Cute Christmas Santa Baby Pictures

Our son's first Christmas drawn us into our own studio for some cute Christmas baby pictures.

Christmas is without any question the busiest time for most photographers with a photo studios. After being on the road on Christmas time and photographing many years for other families, we decided this year to "hire" our studio and photographer (me) for ourselves to take some cute pictures of our baby.

Honestly, I never had the "joy" of photographing a child under the age of 1 and I must admit it was a challenge. We packed him into a cute Santa baby costume, set up the "stage" and ... ahh ... - he was not into it...yet.

Ok, that was nothing new with kids, it often takes them a little bit to get used to the lights and the props. So we played a little bit longer with him till he was a little bit more relaxed. After half an hour we were in the middle of our Christmas photo shot with "cute Baby Santa". 

After a couple hours, including a diaper change, we had some great new baby pictures and the toughest for me was to select the ones I wanted to show you. Here is my selection for you and I hope you enjoy those cute baby pictures as much as we do.

(For xl-view: click on picture, on new page underneath the picture click on "enlarge picture")

Baby Picture Santa Costume

Baby Christmas Portrait

Cute Baby Dressed Santa Costume

Mother Holding Baby At Christmas

Cute Santa Baby Looking At Mother

Babies First Christmas Picture

Baby Christmas Playing With Hands

Cute Baby Christmas Outfit

Cute Baby Christmas Picture

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-01-04
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